Proxies and annonymous Scraping made simple.
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Bad-Actor.Services offers hundreds of free tested proxies available through a public REST endpoint.
REST endpoint at Check out our status page for more info about the service.

Number of Proxies: 745

Proxy Tests Ran: 1912

Last Test: 19 hours ago

Current Top 5 Proxies

Proxy Address Location SSL Last Tested Quality Asia - Bangladesh True 2 days ago 371 Europe - France True 2 days ago 342 Europe - Russian Federation True 2 days ago 288 Asia - Thailand True 2 days ago 271 Europe - Russian Federation True 2 days ago 269

Example collection of Bad-Actor.Servies Proxies

  • CURL example
    curl -X GET -k -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -i ''


CarpetBag is a multifaceted scrapping utility written for python 3+.

  • CarpetBag current stable: 0.0.3b7
  • Install
      git clone
      cd carpetbag
      python3 build
      sudo python3 install

More info and downloadable at

Randomize Identity

With CarpetBag you can randomize User Agent strings and proxy end points, ensuring you can always collect the data you're looking for.

Hunderds of Proxies

CarpetBag makes use of Bad-Actor.Services's hundereds of free random public proxies to keep your idenity shifting easily, all the while retrieving your content.


All proxies support SSL so no data can be man-in-the-middled (MITM) while scraping.

Example CarpetBag Usage

  • Random Proxy Example
    from carpetbag import CarpetBag
      bagger = CarpetBag()
More Examples...

A politeauthority joint

Bad-Actor.Services and CarpetBag are created to help developers and pentesters find vulnerablities in their anti-scraping softeware, period.

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